At Kids adVentures we love the outdoors. Our Forest School is rated Ofsted Outstanding.

Our Prestwich Pre-school children attend forest school full time. Here we learn all the skills we would have learnt indoors such as counting and mark making, but we learn outside using natural resources. Not only this but along the way we learn how to identify trees, about animal habitats, nature navigation and much more.

We have a large enclosed outdoor setting complete with cabins and gardens. This includes a full kitchen and care facilities as well as cosy classrooms. There is space for us to nap if we need a rest and great indoor spaces to come into if there are storms.

We also have access straight out into the Kersal Dale woodlands and use these for great adventures. We might visit the meadows or climb up Dragon mountain – every day is different.

Every year we see the massive benefits as we observe our pre-schoolers thriving in the forest school environment. Taking the learning outdoors gives different opportunities and is a natural backdrop for the children to increase their confidence, make friends and learn new skills. For example, it is great to the children working out how to get the chickens back in their large pen in the most logical way at the end of our sessions! The open and calming environment fosters learning by trying, having a go and gaining new skills with confidence.

Nursery Address

Kids adVentures Forest School
Radford Street
M7 4NT

Tel: 0161 7925448